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In Bazpur, a densely populated remote village of Udham Singh Nagar District and a predominantly agricultural centre where farmers own several acres of land, the Capuchin missionary fathers were the pioneers who sowed the seed of Christianity. To cater to the educational needs of the local people of this remote village, at the repeated requests of Bishop Adrian Conrad De Vito, the then Bishop of Lucknow, Mother Stefania Murelli, the delegate of the mission consented to open a convent and a school. The need was so great that she couldn’t turn a deaf ear to the Bishop’s request.

On 29th December 1964, Srs. Tomasina and Josefa reached Bazpur in a lorry with all the necessary things for the convent. The lorry was kindly lent by some Italians residing at Kanpur.

The joy of the local people on seeing the sisters needs a special mention at this juncture. The next day, Srs. Claudia, Esther, Giovanina&Luiginaalso joined. They were accompanied by Rev. Mother Louisa Margaret who was then the superior of St.Patrick’s Convent, Kanpur. The sisters were given a warm welcome by the priests as well as the local people.

Since the convent was not ready, the sisters were accommodated in the quarters of the sugar factory. As the quarters were somewhat far from the school, every morning the nuns had to walk in the freezing cold and scorching heat to reach the church for prayers and the school for work.